Sunday Roundtables

February 6 - 7, 2021 | Virtual for 2021

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Sunday Roundtables
(11:00 am – 12:15 pm)

Interview Preparation
Moderator: Joanna Goodstein, Graphic Packaging International
Tips on giving your quick pitch, answering situational questions, and talking salary.

Continuing Education
Moderators: Larry Anker, Ph.D., and Rielle Walker, Solenis
We will discuss opportunities to continue learning after you start your first job.  What are the options and what should you look for with your first employer?  Rielle and I will describe the system we use at Solenis and discuss other options.

Introduction to TAPPI Standards & Technical Information Papers (TIPs)
Moderators: Brittaney Lovett, TAPPI and Philip Wells, Well Enterprises
Publication and maintenance of TAPPI Standards & Technical Information Papers are a primary responsibility of TAPPI committees but are often under-utilized by the membership.  A brief description of TIPs will be presented emphasizing their value to the industry, especially students and young professionals. 

Business Finance
Moderator: Lyne Quenneville, TAPPI
Some basics to impress management.

Working Remotely
Moderator: Avery Wilson, Jacobs
Discussion regarding the recent worldwide transition to a remote workforce including perceived obstacles, lessons learned, and the future of the professional work life.

Build a Great LinkedIn Profile
Moderator: Todd Varner, Jacobs
Best practices for building a profile, making connections, and leveraging LinkedIn as a career-enhancing tool.

Careers Outside of the Mill
Moderator: Devon Clymer, Jacobs
Discuss career paths outside of the paper mill. Emphasis on engineering services companies, like Jacobs, in a multitude of fields, along with other career options.

Interning Far Away from Home
Moderator: Jackie Chou, Jacobs
Moving some place far away from home can be nerve wrecking. Thus, I want to help students in my position to address, prepare, and take advantage of working in an unfamiliar area.