Sponsorship and Interview Opportunity Descriptions and Fees

January 18 - 21, 2019 | Kalamazoo, Michigan

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Interview Opportunities

Interview & Career Fair Package                 

Cost: $3,500 each

Student Summit is the perfect place to interview multiple students over a three day period. Having a table at the Career Fair gets your name out there and gives students an opportunity to interact with you and learn more about your company. *Space is limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.


Package includes:


Bring Extra Interview Booth Personnel

Additional Cost: $150/each       

Are you sending more than two representatives from your company? Additional exhibitors representing the same company can register online for a $150 each (additional fee). Extra exhibitors are permitted to conduct interviews and extra interview booths are available to accommodate multiple interviews at once. There is no limit to the number of exhibit personnel present at each table on the show floor during Saturday evening’s Career Fair and Sunday coffee and meal breaks. All meals are included in $150 fee.


Get an Extra Interview Booth (or Booths)

Additional Cost: $500/each

Expand your reach and conduct multiple interviews at the same time. Each extra interview booth allows for students to be interviewed simultaneously, instantly increasing the number of students each company gets to interact with. *Additional booths are limited to three per company (total four) and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Package includes: One additional interview booth inside the interview rooms provided (includes one table and three chairs).


Add-On to your Interview & Career Fair Package:

*These Add-Ons can be combined with your “Interview & Career Fair Package” (described to the left), and cannot be purchased separately.


TAPPI Memberships for Young Professionals (Bridge Year) and Students

Add-on Cost: $350 for a bundle of 10

Ensure that current and graduating students enter the industry with all the resources they need to succeed. Each membership you sponsor is completely tax-deductible and gives these young people full access to TAPPI member resources and benefits that can help them jumpstart their careers. Learn more about Bridge Year Memberships!


Choose from:


Career Webinar Presenter for Young Professionals and Students

Add-on Cost: $2,000 per webinar             

Make your presence known now and in the future, by hosting a 2019 Webinar targeted at preparing young professionals and students for a long career in the pulp, paper and packaging industries. You will also be given access to the webinar attendee list upon completion of the webinar presentation. Webinar topic and duration are to be determined in partnership with TAPPI.


30-Day Job Posting on TAPPI Career Center

Add-on Cost to TAPPI Sustaining Members: $295

Add-on Cost to Non-Member Sponsors: $495

Give your search for talent a boost beyond the Student Summit and add a Career Center Sponsorship to your package. (Career Center Is partnered with the Engineering and Science Network. Visit it online at careers.tappi.org)

This sponsorship gives you one 30-day job posting TAPPI’s Career Center that will be viewed nationwide through relevant Engineering and Science partner career databases. All postings include: listing on more than 40 Engineering and Science partner Career Centers, live links to employer website, nationwide resume database search. (Excludes local packages, where applicable)  


Sponsorship Opportunities


Evening Event Sponsorship                

Cost $10,000 (Exclusive)

Sponsor this networking and entertainment event held in a private, designated space (restaurant, nightclub or event facility). This is a perfect opportunity for premium exposure and to welcome the students to the city. This is one of few events during the Student Summit that attracts most attendees.


Evening Event Sponsorship includes:


Branded Premium Item Sponsorship

Cost: $6,500 per item (Exclusive)

Your sponsorship provides a premium item (logo imprinted water bottle, notebook, etc.) that is given to each registrant.


Branded Premium Item Sponsorship includes:


Student Breakroom Sponsorship      

Cost $5,500 (Exclusive)

Open during non-event hours for students to mingle and hangout, the Student Breakroom provides light snacks to supplement meals provided during the event.


Student Breakroom Sponsorship includes:


Speaker Luncheon Sponsorship

Cost $5,000 (Exclusive)

Sunday’s Luncheon could feature a speaker from your company.


Speaker Luncheon Sponsorship includes:


Student Summit App Sponsorship

$4,000 (Exclusive)

The TAPPI Student Summit app, designed specifically for the event, will be in the hands of each attendee and the “go to” source for conference schedule, speaker information and interaction between participants. Your sponsorship will ensure high-visibility for your company and brand.


Student Summit App Sponsorship details:


Printing and Charging Station Sponsorship

$1,500 (Exclusive)

Give students the opportunity to print more resumes, charge devices, and check emails.


Printing and Charging Station Sponsorship details:


Breakfast Sponsorship

Cost $4,500 or $2,500 (limit 2 companies)

Help the students start the day off right with a sponsored breakfast and time to learn about your company. Breakfast is served on Sunday and Monday morning, choose to sponsor one or both.


Breakfast Sponsorship includes:


Coffee Break Sponsorship

$2,500 each (limit 2 companies)

Get your name in front of students while they grab a cup of coffee and a snack. Choose from Saturday or Sunday Coffee Breaks.


Coffee Break Sponsorship Includes:


Lanyard Sponsorship

Cost: $1,000 or $2,000 (see details below)

This sponsorship offers your company a chance to be seen through the entire summit.


Lanyard Sponsorship details:


Engineering Competition Sponsorship

Cost: $2,000

The Engineering Competition is always a major highlight of the event. Organized by host city students, student attendees are given a challenge to solve using only the materials they are given. It is always amazing to see how each group approaches the same challenge.


Engineering Competition Sponsorship includes:


Company Named Travel Stipend Sponsorships    

Cost: $500 (can be purchased in increments of $500)

Students often rely on their school to fund their travel to Student Summit, but group budgets can be very low, forcing students to pay out-of-pocket. Help cover their costs by sponsoring travel for a student or two!


Company Named Travel Stipend Sponsorship includes: